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History of Diani Rules

Diani Rules was started in 1990 by Iain & Angus Leckie, Marc Wollmann and Kathy Robertson, to try and persuade people that the coast was not such a bad place during the rainy season.

The funds raised in the first year were donated to Galu Kinondo Primary school where they were given teachers' tables, doors, chairs and school desks. The following two years funds were turned into school desks and the schools in the district were asked to write letters applying for desks.


Dr Helen Roberts MBE then started an Eye Hospital in Kwale District, in 1993 & the group decided to give the proceeds to the hospital from then on.

Diani Rules has been kindly hosted by:


Corporate Sponsors have included:




Textprint Mombasa

Mars Graphics

Commercial Bank of Africa

Swahilli Beach Resort

South Coast Backpackers

Gras Savoyne

Weir Minerals

Base Titanium


Mantrac Caterpillar 

Captain Andy's

Satao Camp

Auto Marine

XFor Security

Barclays Bank

DT Dobies

Best Bodies in Town

Cathy Stevens Jewellers

South Coast Residents Association

Muthaiga Mini Market

Colobus Trust

Diani Marine

Bobs Bar

The Moorings

Lions Bluff




Bunsen Travel


Two Designs Ltd

Coastal Footprints

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